Sellers FAQ

There is a lot more to look forward to than merely looking at fat paychecks that you stand to receive after selling at The Zop Marketplace each month.

Our proven and effective selling platform means you will have numerous options and help to collaborate with other talented and friendly members and hone your skills. Our community is growing and just awesome. To know more about selling with The Zop Marketplace it is advised to check out our FAQs…


How can Items be uploaded?

Uploading your items is easy through The ZOP website. You first need to sign into your account and then choose “My Account” option in the top right section of your screen. You will notice the upload button in this page. After clicking on it you will get a drop down box where you need to indicate the type of item you are going to upload. Please fill in all the details required by you. We will get back to you with our feedback - either an approval or rejection. For items that are rejected we shall provide a proper explanation, including tips that can be made use of to improve or change your item.


How Can Payment be requested?

You first need to sign into your account to request for a payment. Once there, select the “My Account” button on the top section. You will be taken to the withdrawals page. Here you need to fill in the amount you want to withdraw in the box provided along with your PayPal address. Thereafter, we shall process your payment request and you will get the same at the earliest.

NOTE: To request for the payment, the minimum balance in your account has to be $50.


I want to earn more Money. Do you have any Tips for me?

Please refer to the Submission Tips available in the Knowledgebase to get more tips to help you earn more money.


Will my Payment go down with time?

No. The ZOP Marketplace will make sure you will get a steady payment for every sale you make through the website and this will never decrease.


Is Documentation Needed for my Uploaded Item?

To ensure all our users have a wonderful and positive experience we have made it mandatory for all uploaded items to have a proper documentation. Do not worry if you do not have one, we can get you one through our upload page.


Will you help Provide Documentation File?

Yes, we can help you get a suitable documentation. For this purpose,The ZOP Marketplace has designed a file that can be downloaded the upload page. However, feel free to use your own documentation file if you have one.

Download the Exclusive ZOP Documentation File here.


Should I Provide Support to my Uploaded Items?

For all items you upload at The ZOP website you shall provide the required support. All questions that are related to the items will be directed to you.


What if the Item I Wish to Upload Does Not Find a Suitable Category?

If the item you wish to upload at The ZOP website does not find a suitable category, feel free to send us an email at with the details of your item. Please keep the email subject line as “Item outside categories”. Our support staff will review your request and help place your items appropriately across our marketplaces.


My Item is rejected. What Next?

It’s ok if your uploaded item gets rejected. However, you are sure to get a proper explanation from our side as to why your item was rejected. You are free to make necessary changes to your item and upload again across our marketplaces.


I am an Exclusive Seller. What are my Restrictions?

In being an exclusive seller at The ZOP Marketplace you are allowed to sell only a particular item. The ZOP shall reserve all the rights to distribute your items and bring it to the notice of as many buyers as possible. In case you are found distributing your item elsewhere in spite of being registered with us as an exclusive seller, we shall take appropriate actions, including the possibility of removing your item from our Marketplace. As an exclusive seller at our Marketplace you stand to make 50% and this can increase up to 70% for every sale you make.


I do not want to sell my items with an extended license. Is there a way out?

Yes, you can certainly opt out. However, there are many benefits to look forward to in selling your items with an extended license. To know more about extended licenses please click here.


What if there are copyright violations in the files I submitted? Who will be held responsible?

If there are copyright issues in the files you submitted to us then the entire responsibility will be yours. However, if you have doubts about copyright issues before uploading your item, it is better to contact a lawyer or the owner of the asset.


Can I be an Exclusive Seller by Selling Only at The ZOP Marketplace?

When you decide to sell your item(s) only at The Zop Marketplaces you automatically become ZOP exclusive member. You will be entitled to receive commission rates starting from 50% up to 70%. To get more information on this you can click here.


Can I determine the price for my file?

No. To prevent undercutting and to ensure there is consistency, all the items that you upload through The ZOP will be priced by the The ZOP staff.


When will I get paid?

For all the payment requests made prior to the end of the month, you will be paid before the 15th of the next month. For example, if you make a payment request in the month of January, you shall be paid before 15th Feb. However, you need to have a minimum of $50 in your balance.


I am a Non-Exclusive Seller. What are my Restrictions?

In becoming a non-exclusive seller with us you can sell your item to as many sites as you can. The Zop shall pay you 50% commission rates for each item sold through your account.


What are the Payment Commissions / Rates / Scale?

Besides item documentation The Zop also provides image assets that each seller in the Marketplace can use at will.


Why Should I Choose to Sell in Your Marketplace instead of My Own Website?

Thanks to years of SEO experience that The Zop has, we are able to drive a lot of traffic to all items that are uploaded in our Marketplace. Plus, we also allocate a lot of funds for advertising. All these efforts from The Zop ensures your items will get a lot of visibility and therefore sales. Our commission rates for sold items too are impressive and among the best in the industry. All this and more may not be achievable if you were to sell your items through your website.



If you are interested in promoting The ZOP Marketplace to help earn more but have questions regarding the same? Do not worry, we can help you.

The ZOP Marketplace has an excellent in-house affiliate system that lets users that help promote the services and products of ZOP earn more when an item is sold. If you too are interested in this, make sure you sign up now.


How Can I become an Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate with ZOP is really easy! All you need to do is create an account with us. Your username will automatically become your affiliate ID. This ID can be used to for linking back to any of the pages on any of the Zop Marketplace pages.

How can my Affiliate Link be created?

Just make sure you add “?r=username” at the end of your URL.

For example,

For other questions please refer to: http://www/