Author Tutorial

Highlights for Authors about the Marketplaces

There are a few important points you need to know before you join the marketplaces at Zop and be its member. To understand all the processes involved in becoming an author, make sure you read the following article.

How do Zop marketplaces function?

All the transactions in Zop marketplaces take place between the author (you) and the purchaser. These transactions have legal implications to them. Therefore, you will be liable or responsible for all your actions, including copyright issues. As the consequences of not following the rules can be severe, take enough care.

Interested in becoming an Author? Here’s how it Works

Once you have read all the upload instructions and ready to post, you can upload your files. The files will then be reviewed by our team to ensure they meet our rules and are suitable for the marketplaces at Zop. Irrespective of the review decision, you stand to receive an email from our team. Based on the decision taken, your item may or may not appear on the sales list.
Rejection can be of two types – Hard-rejected and Soft-rejected. When your item has been hard-rejected by our team, you will receive an email stating why your item cannot be considered for sale. Similarly, when your item has been soft-rejected, you will receive an email stating all the improvements that can be made to your items so as to enable it to make it to the sales list.
Irrespective of the rejection type you are confronted with, you will get an email from us that will clearly indicate the results of your upload.

How do authors make money?

For every sale you make you will receive a percentage. The exact percentage depends on the exclusivity of the item you are willing to sell on Zop. For example, if your item is being sold exclusively at marketplaces across Zop, you stand to receive 50% and it could increase up to 70% depending upon the sales you make. However, if your item is not exclusive to Zop, you will receive 33% of the sale you make. To know more about the payments, please visit the Payment Rates page.

How will you make the payments?

Your account balance will reflect the amount you are making after each sale. The earnings you make can be used for:
1] Purchasing files across Zop marketplaces.
2] Requesting payout through a Moneybookers or PayPal account that you specify in your Account page, once the balance has reached $50 or more.
3] Requesting payout through Bank Transfer once the balance has reached $500 or more. Please note that bank charges and fees may be levied in these cases.
The processing of payments takes place at the beginning of each month and payouts take place during the 15th of each month. For example, if you make a payout request on 19th April, payment for the same will be made on 15th May and so on. In case 15th of the month is a holiday (like US public holiday), payment will be made the following day.

Requirements from Technical Side

You need to meet our high quality standards and understand our upload conditions for an item to be approved at Zop marketplaces. Regarding how to upload the files and prepare your items for sale, refer to the Upload Instructions section.

Requirements Quality Wise

The given below criteria will be considered when your items will be inspected by our staff:
1] The item’s esthetic value.
2] The level of customizability of the items
3] Usefulness of the item
4] The construction standard of the item
5] Quality of content in the item (To see whether it contains offensive content, sexual content, violence, etc).

Other Reasons for Item Disapprovals

Occasionally, items can also be disapproved due to following reasons:
1] If we suspect files to carry a virus or they are corrupt.
2] If the items fail to meet our esthetic standards or marketplace quality.
3] If the items are hard to implement or use.
4] If the items uploaded already exist in the library.

Annual Files Review

All the items that are listed across the Zop marketplaces are reviewed every year to ensure they are up to date with the latest trends and software. In case your item fails the review, your account will be terminated after a month and you will receive an email confirmation of the same.

Legal Requirements

As a responsible author you can sell only those things that you own. When you are listing an item with Zop with an intention of selling it to a customer, it is understood that the items solely belongs to you. It is also understood that the rights of auxiliary content used in making the items belongs to you.
Copyright issues are serious and therefore you need to take care you do not face it hands on. Do not use another person’s work as it can land you in trouble. For any queries or help you can feel free to contact our support staff.
All copyright issues are dealt with seriously by Zop. If we find that any author has violated our copyright terms we will reserve the right to ban the author from our marketplaces and may freeze the funds available in his or her account. In extreme cases, the author may be required to face legal consequences from the affected person. Therefore, you should be aware of all the rules.

Details you need to know about Copyright

The U.S. Copyright office website has all the details you may be interested to know about copyright and its definition. However, here is a small description of the same.
Copyright is basically a legal term that provides all the required rights for the original work to its creator. However, the holder of the copyright has all the rights to choose someone else to use, resell or adapt the original works and still retain the required rights.
In other words, the copyright holder can do these things:
1] Alter his or her work or create derivatives from it.
2] Develop work copies and distribute them.
3] Sell or grant work licenses.
4] Sell the work either in an altered form or in original form.

Using Work of other people and Holding Licenses

It is the responsibility of the author to deal with copyright uses and issues pertaining to it, especially when he or she decides to sell the files across Zop marketplaces. If at all you need to display another person’s work, the author may do so after displaying an appropriate license.
As different licenses allow different rights for holders, it is important that you understand your license and see what you can do with it and what you cannot. For example, if you want to use an asset like code snippet, music loop or a photo that you intend to sell through marketplaces at Zop, you need to have a license that will allow you to use assets in items that are meant for resale and distribution.
Please read this article to understand the types of items that can be included in sale and different steps that need to be followed for the same.
What if there is no license on an item you wish to sell on Zop marketplaces?
In case you wish to sell an item at our marketplaces and you do not find a license for the same, make sure that you get a written permission from the copyright holder.
As breaching copyright terms and conditions can lead to severe penalties, you need to make sure you understand the terms and conditions and apply them before you wish to sell an item. Zop will not tolerate copyright issues in any case.

What does Copyright Infringement mean?

A copyright violation or infringement is the unauthorized use of items or work that is protected by copyright. If without a written permission or a license you wish to sell, alter or use another company’s or person’s work then you are breaking the law and violating the copyright terms and conditions.
If you find a copyright or infringement issue with a work or an item, you should get in touch with Zop support and report the matter to them.
To make sure you do not have deal with copyright violations, here are some requirements you need to understand and follow:
1] The item should not be correlated or based on another item – For example, you are not allowed to provide a website template that is correlated or based on another website. Also you are not allowed to sell an item that is similar to another item for sale on another website or a Zop marketplace.
2] The item should be devoid of trademarks, logos or brand names – For example, you are not allowed to use McDonalds or an Apple logo, even if you have altered it, photographed it, or recreated it.
3] You cannot upload an item that has been made using purchased or free components of another item unless you have permission or an express license – For example, you cannot use a part of a file that you have downloaded for selling your item unless the items you are making use of clearly states that they are meant for resale.
4] You cannot add an item at Zop marketplaces that have reconstructed or decompiled items from another source (even if the original item belongs to you!) – For example, even if you significantly change a Flash file and try to resell it, the attempt will negated from our side.
5] The item cannot take its reference from a tutorial – You cannot follow a tutorial, in part or in whole, while submitting an item that you have created by yourself. This rule has to be strictly followed even if the tutorial writer has given the permission as you need to keep in mind that it is against Zop marketplace rules.
6] You cannot download or purchase an item and then resell it – You are strictly prohibited from downloaded or purchasing an item from another website and then selling it across Zop marketplaces.
7] You cannot sell an item that makes use of military or government property – For example, the item you intend to sell should not contain military insignia or presidential seal.
8] Your uploaded item should not contain a private location that is easily recognizable unless you have at your disposal a signed location release.
9] Your uploaded item should not contain a human feature that is easily recognizable unless the signed model release is with you.
10] Unless you have the required license to resell sounds, videos or photos you cannot use them across your files. The sounds, videos or photos that can be included in your files are:

  • Is author created
  • Acquired or purchased using a correct license that permits you to sell the item
  • Downloaded from Zop library

11] You cannot download or purchase an item, alter it and resell it again.


When you have decided to sell your item on Zop marketplaces you are literally giving a license to the buyer to use it either for personal or commercial use without charging an extra fee. If you do not want to grant these rights or uncomfortable with it, do not sell the items on Zop marketplaces.
Zop may keep adding other license types from time to time that you can consider accepting in order to sell your items. Some of these licenses or all of them may be expensive as compared to the regular ones but they provide extra rights to you.
You can learn more about the licenses sold on Zop marketplaces.


The cost of purchasing an item is decided during the review process and these are mainly based on factors including demand, complexity and quality. To get more information about our pricing, you can read this article.